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La Paz Waterfall Gardens

During a unique hike at La Paz Waterfall Gardens, you will be amazed by the variety of experiences and climates that the gardens present, including both cloud and rainforests. You will have the opportunity to visit the largest butterfly observatory in the world. The next stop will be at the Hummingbird Garden, where feathered friends fascinate guests with their antics at incredible speeds.



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These normally skittish creatures have become so tame they will feed within a few feet from you.

Finally, you will enter the Trail of Falls surrounded by the thick green growth of the primary forest. A staircase creates a path along the vertical cliff face of the waterfalls. Along the way, perfectly placed platforms allow you to witness, first hand, the dramatic and powerful beauty of pristine waters falling at an almost artistic pace, preceding the emerging relaxing sounds orchestrated by the waterfalls themselves.

After exploring the gardens, guests will depart to a mountain retreat, where they will delight with a Costa Rican style lunch, before heading back to the pier.



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Costa Rica & Its Capital City San Jose

Passengers will board deluxe air-conditioned motor coaches starting a picturesque ride as they ascent the Pan American Highway. The scenery is lush and people will discover the diversity of landscapes that are found in the Central Pacific region, as the tour heads towards the Central Valley. On the way, enjoy seeing rich farmland, green hills and tropical forest mountains.


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The beautiful town of San Ramon will be your first stop. This is a charming, rustic village, where local Costa Ricans warmly greet each TAM TRAVEL arrival. Natural juice will be served.

Once in San Jose, we will visit the magnificent Opera House. This century-old cultural symbol is the pride and joy of all Costa Ricans as it represents an important era of economical, artistic and cultural changes. Still in the city, we will then visit the National Museum, where an outstanding collection of fine pre-columbian pottery and gold is on display.

Lunch will be held at a typical Costa Rican retreat before continuing to Sarchi, known as the cradle of handcrafts and woodworks. From here, our journey continues back to the pier.

Alternative Museum:

If venue is not available, an optional venue can be chosen, such as: the Museum of Art or the Gold Museum.

The Museum of Art has become a work of incalculable patrimonial value to exhibit a collection of art that best represents the development of arts in our country.

The Gold Museum, operated by Costa Rica Central Bank, is an extraordinary collection of Pre-Columbian metalwork.



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The Poas Volcano National Park Adventure

Along the way, you will discover that several picturesque towns surround the Central Valley. The landscape is amazing as you pass by some of the biggest coffee, flower and sugar cane plantations. All of a sudden, you find yourself looking at this country’s main cities from the top of the main mountain range (the highest reachable altitude is 8,112 feet).


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As you ride up through the central mountain range, rich green forests will wrap you from all sides. Once in Poas National Park, you have the great opportunity to walk on a nicely paved half-mile trail, which is taken over by the cloud forests lushness. It is at the end of this trail were visitors may enjoy a breathtaking view of one of the biggest craters on the planet.

After the visit to the volcano, a traditional lunch will be served at a quaint restaurant surrounded by rainforest greenery where you will enjoy exquisite local cuisine.

Before returning to the ship, the motorcoach will make a shopping stop at the village of Sarchi where you can find a large variety of woodcrafts, leather goods and souvenirs of all kinds to please everyone’s taste.



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