Guanacaste Tour Operator

The post-arrival traveler support network comprises a series of tour desks that are operated by TAM Travel at the main hotels in Guanacaste and serve as a hub for visitors, to not only research, plan, and book gratifying experiences but also provide expert advice to foreign travelers.

The information covers the local area and other appealing destinations within the country, tourist attractions, and recommended routes, dining options, insurance coverage, and licensed tourism companies.
Usually, they also perform services such as reserving accommodation in other areas, booking of a domestic flight; hire car options, and VIP services, among other.

TAM Travel’s tourist information centers provide visitors with maps, tour guides, and other items relevant to tourism.




Our tours section offers different options that you can enjoy in Guanacaste and other regions.


Enjoy the convenience of TAM Travel’s shuttle service from your hotel to points through the Guanacaste province and to the Arenal and Monteverde regions.

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