When talking about Guanacaste is to talk of the most beautiful beaches in the country, of growing tourism activity, and an international airport that received some 880.000 passengers in 2015.

The expansion from two to four lanes of the Costa Rica’s Inter-American Highway North, from Cañas to Liberia, Guanacaste has reached its completion.

It comprised the completion of 50.5 kilometers. The project also included the construction of 11 pedestrian bridges, 3 intersections, 23 new bridges and the rehabilitation of 10 existing ones, as well as 16 passages for wildlife.

Communities along the Inter-American Highway will benefit from the highway’s expansion because travel times will be faster and the road will be safer for drivers and pedestrians.

The expansion of this important road represents a positive impact for the country in areas such as tourism and transportation of materials because it will reduce travel times by at least an hour.

This new road makes the Guanacaste province and its beauties easily accessible sites, which can be visited with confidence and without investing too much time.

Sources: The Tico Times local newspaper and CONAVI (National Roads Authority of Costa Rica)

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