The Swiss airline Edelweiss announced this Monday, June 20th that, from May 9, 2017, will be offering direct flights between Zurich and Costa Rica; thus, it becomes the sixth airline company providing such services between Europe and Costa Rican territory.

Direct flights from Zurich will be held on Tuesdays and Fridays on one schedule. The route will be operated with an aircraft type Airbus A340-300, with 314 seats.

The Minister of Tourism of Costa Rica said in his speech that Europe represents the second priority market for the country since last year it came close to 400 thousand tourists; of them, 300,000 entered by air.

For Bernd Bauer, CEO of Edelweiss, the Swiss travelers stay more days and spend more money on holiday than tourists from other countries.

“The flight will bring about 27,000 tourists to Costa Rica each year creating an economic impact of US$80 million annually,” he said.

Costa Rica would then be the only destination in Central America where Swiss airline would be flying directly.

Costa Rica, thus, advances in its efforts to consolidate the arrival of tourists from Europe, the second of its markets after North America (where the United States has the highest weight).

The authorities in the tourism sector and entrepreneurs believe that Europe has a much greater potential than the 393,000 tourists attracted to Costa Rica in 2015. That figure represented 15% of total tourists last year, an increase of 22,633 visitors compared to 2014.

Based on that, the ICT together with the private tourism sector, carry out a special campaign to attract tourists, focusing on four European markets: Spain, France, Germany and England.


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