Whales and dolphins have always fascinated us. Their graceful, playful, and intelligent nature is inspiring and captivating. There are 5 species of dolphins living in the waters off the southern Pacific Coast of Costa Rica: Spotted, Spinner, Bottlenose (Flipper), Common Dolphin, and even Orcas. 3 species of whales: False Killer, Pilot and Humpback whales can be sighted nearly year round.

The acrobatic Humpback Whale, a mammal measuring 15-17 meters long, migrates to these tropical and subtropical waters during our winter season  to give birth their young.

Includes: Transportation, equipment, bilingual guide (English/Spanish), and lunch.

Remarks: Waiver is required.

The watching periods are.

From To
2nd half of August 1st half of September
2nd half of November 1st half of December


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