A batch of Costa Rica coffee produced on the farm Monte Llano Bonito in Naranjo, listed 40% above the closing figure of 2015 and was sold this Tuesday at a record price of $5,900 per quintal in the electronic auction at the Cup of Excellence contest.

This batch of 46 kilos of caturra variety was listed by international expert tasters as the one with the best quality of Costa Rica. It was acquired by Wataru for Takamura Roasters, according to the Alliance for Coffee Excellence webpage.

“The relative lack of innuendo in Costa Rica coffees ironically may be owing to the advanced state of the Costa Rican coffee industry. They tend to come from trees of relatively recently developed cultivars of arabica like caturra or catuai, and usually are impeccably wet-processed using technically advanced techniques that eliminate the oddities of flavor that derive from traditional or regional variations in processing.”

The Cup of Excellence competition is owned by the international organization Alliance for Coffee Excellence which aims to promote the high quality coffee in the world.

Sources: Local newspaper La Nación, June 22nd, 2016 and the webpage of the coffee guide Coffee Review

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